Reviews from some of our customers:

From: The Berridges                                                                                         Sent: Thu 8/28/2008 7:06 PM
Subject: THANK YOU!!


Hi Alan and Kathy,

This is Simon Berridge.  I live at 10007 N. Parkside Dr, Nine Mile Falls.  I am the fellow who had the misfortune of having … come out and make matters worse for my garage door.  I wanted to say thank you both for your help.  Please feel free to share this email and any of its contents with your potential customers.

For a first time home-owner that has done all his own repairs up until a year ago when a injury made it impossible to do most repairs it is hard to find someone who is fair, knowledgeable, honest and willing to help as much as Allison Door.  I had the misfortune of having a “so called reputable garage door company” come out to my home to repair a broken spring.  They put in the wrong springs; they replaced parts they did not need to do and told me I needed a new opener when in fact it was only a few months old.  They did not set my garage door spring tension correctly and could not figure out how to program one of the most common garage door openers around.  They made the door totally inoperable and charged me $425.00 for the privilege of receiving their so called "…" service.  When I got home at 7PM I called Allison Door.  Kathy answered and talked to me about my problem; I then called back at around 8PM and talked with Alan personally about my situation and how he felt it needed to be resolved.  He came out the very next day and removed all the incorrect and unneeded parts, weighed my door, figured out the rate and proper length my springs needed to be just like he says he does on his web site.  He installed the new parts and adjusted and serviced my garage door so that it works FAR better then it ever has-EVEN BETTER THAN NEW!  And it was $100.00 cheaper than the other company.  THIS MAN KNOWS HIS BUSINESS AND WHAT IT TAKES TO MAKE A GARAGE DOOR WORK PROPERLY.  I would beg for you to use Allison Door.  I think it is best to tell you that in the Spokane area there is only one logical choice in garage door repair and that is Allison Door.  They have my business for life.
Please feel free to call me (509) 290-5386.

Simon Berridge 

July 19, 2010

Allison Garage Door Service

I called Friday around noon to get help in getting a garage door to open.  Alan was there within an hour.  Not only was the service fast, but he was very knowledgeable and a gifted craftsman who fixed our problem in 3-4 hours.  Everything that was needed to replace parts broken and worn was in his completely equipped truck – a hardware store on wheels with a boom and every other needed item.  I feel I must let you know what a great job was done by this gifted man, and also, it was a pleasure to have him do so with such caring.

Thank you for making our day such a beautiful experience with Alan.

Again, I thank you.
Dorothy R Rasmussen and Louis M. Rasmussen, a Pearl Harbor Survivor on the USS Raleigh (CL-7)
4132 W Kathleen Ave.
Spokane, WA 99208 



Hello and … Wow…
We wanted to thank you so much for the great job you did on our garage door and to tell you…  It has never before worked (open and shut etc) as well as it does now!!  Nokidding!!!  
Thanks a million, or, to be accurate, thanks $179.19!!  It’s worth a million to us!
Wayne & Marcia J.