The Problem with Precut Torsion Springs

What is commonly sold by most door companies for the average residential garage door is a precut or prefabricated torsion spring already cut to length and assembled with winding hardware in the factory. This product eliminates remnant waste and the need to cut and assemble the spring at the job site. It saves door companies time and money. The problem is that suppliers advertise only 13 different sizes of precut 10,000 cycle springs to meet the need of over sixty possible residential spring size requirements in the field. Even if a greater selection were available by special order, it would be impossible for these companies to carry enough precut sizes for all possible door weights, heights and cable drum diameters they may encounter. They use a very limited selection to bridge even great gaps between differing weight doors.

In the last five years in Spokane alone, I have replaced approximately 6,000 residential torsion springs. Conservatively 60% of all aftermarket springs I have removed were the wrong size for the weight of the door-- (plus or minus more than 3 inch pounds per turn (IPPT) per door). The worst that I have seen so far was 63 IPPT off, which means on that door that weighed 320 lbs, the springs were built for a door weighing only 206 lbs or 114 lbs lighter.

Wrong-sized springs cause door operators to wear out prematurely and increase the difficulty of manually operating the door. It may be hard to open or close the door, or it may not stay in the up position. The life expectancy of precut springs available in supplier catalogs is a standard 10,000 cycles or about 4 to 6 years in the average home. The cost per cycle using this standard size on a 2-spring 16' X 7' door is more than three times the cost-per-cycle of a pair of our 30,000 cycle springs. That's about 3 cents per cycle for standard springs, compared to less than a penny per cycle for the 30,000 cycle springs we provide.

However, one of the greatest disadvantages of buying precut springs is that the later in the day the service man arrives, the less selection of springs he has to pick from to replace yours. A serviceman may replace springs on as many as 4 or 5 doors during the day using a very limited selection loaded on his truck that morning. If the size precut spring he needs in the afternoon was already used that morning, the serviceman may be inclined to use whatever size he has left. I have found many door operators were ruined by the wrong size springs, and I have heard many customers complain of springs only lasting a couple of years.


The Solution: Our Custom Springs

Let Allison Company custom install your doors springs, guaranteeing them to precisely fit your door. Here's what we do. Allison Co. brings to your home approximately 1,000 lbs of 6 foot long raw residential spring snakes with 11 different wire sizes, both left and right hand. We will weigh the door calculating the proper size spring by measuring the drum size, and door height and weight in order to guarantee that the springs we cut on site will suit your door precisely. The standard procedure of the other door repairmen is to measure the size of existing springs and risk duplicating the errors made on previous springs. Because of our versatile selection and volume of spring wire, we are able to offer you a much better value by providing you with 30,000 cycle springs upgrading from the standard duty 10,000 cycles.  Your cost of operation per cycle with the 30,000 cycle spring is about 70% less than what it costs you to use the typical standard duty spring.

Cutting a custom spring from a raw length on site also assures our customers that virgin spring is used and not a cleaned up, used precut spring taken from someone else's old door.

Call Allison Company today for custom measured and fabricated, quality door springs.